Tenac Championship Coaching can help you BEAT THE BEAR!

This year, Tenac coaching thought we would build out a training plan specific for the Telluride 100 and to give the athletes a sense of what it's like to have training strategy to complete their goals whether that is a time goal, to finish or just have fun and enjoy the scenery along with the ride.

We created this Training plan with the online software we use called Trainingpeaks. Anyone who wants to use the training plan will need to create at least a free account with Trainingpeaks to view the plan.

The plan does come with a handbook(an attachment on the first day of the plan) that has some insights on the training plan itself, along with some tips on preparing yourself physically, mentally, and nutritionally for the event. We even included some specifics of the major climbs at the event.

The athletes are free to contact me and Jorge at with questions. They can also have the schedule customized to them and have a coaching consultation for $99. Otherwise the plan is free to them.

The plan is 13 weeks which includes a testing week on week one. Thus the plan would need to start on 24 April 2017. If they choose not to test, the plan can begin on 1 May 2017. The plan is set up for athlete using Rate of Perceived Exertion so no heart rate monitor or power meter is needed. However, we did include instructions on how to calculate your heart rate and power zones if you wish to use those.

The link to the plan is below:

Email us for the coupon code to get this free training plan.