2019 Telluride 100 Route Change

June 25, 2019 8am

Winter 2018/2019 was pretty incredible and Telluride as well as a fair portion of Colorado experienced record snowfall. Colder temps and heavy snow continued through the very end of May and this meant that the high elevation passes and trails have been slower to melt in order to be ready for recreational use.

Initial information we received indicated our highest pass on the course, Black Bear, would be clear and ready by the race date at the end of July. Last week while communicating with San Miguel County Road & Bridge, we learned that they felt the timeline for Black Bear's opening would be pushed out into August.

So, after much planning and recon, we have developed a different route for this year.

NOTE - these maps will be replaced shortly with more professional ones but are good enough for understanding and pre-riding the course for now.

Loop 1 - 53 miles.


This is a fair amount of the traditional Loop 2 in reverse until you get to Silver Pick Rd. The section on Wilson Mesa is brand new to T-100 and we're really excited about it, Racers will be riding super close to the Northern edge of Wilson Peak. You also pass by Schmid Ranch which was the filming location for Quentin Tarantino's "Hateful Eight". Everything on this loop is currently open and rideable.

Loop 2 - 39 miles


New for T-100 that is a part of this years Loop 2:

1) Boomerang Rd / Mtn Village roads & Village Trail are being replaced with Telluride Trail. The lower half of T-Trail is quite punchy similar to Boomerang and climbing Village Trail. The upper half mellows out to very rideable grades.

NOTE: Telluride Trail is not open to biking so there will be no pre-riding. We have approval from the Nat'l Forest to go uphill only on race day only.

2) The descent on Alta Rd is being replaced with new singletrack trail called Magic Meadows. 5+ miles of sweet aspen and conifer lined singletrack!

3) Bilk Creek Singletrack.

We are looking for 1 more mile to squeeze in to make it an even 40. The map does not show 39 miles currently as I have not drawn Prospect, Magic Meadows and T-35 properly. We will have a new map that has everything perfectly drawn shortly.

Prospect Trail is closed until July 1st for elk migration/calving but everything else besides T-Trail is ready to pre-ride today.

-100 Mile participants do Loop 1 and Loop 2 and start time will be 6:00AM

-Relay participants do Loop 1 and Loop 2 trading off a baton at the start/finish area. First teammate starts Loop 1 at 6:00AM with the 100 mile participants.

-40 Mile participants will do Loop 2 and start time will be 8:30AM.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Email - tobin at behling dot com

Cell - 970.417.1751