2020 T100 Packet Pickup - Roll Call - Start Times

July 22, 2020 1am - July 25, 2020 10am

Click on the link below for the list of Bib#/Packet Pickup/Roll Call/Start Times.

Be sure to memorize your bib# as you will need it when you come to packet pickup. After you get your temperature checked, you'll walk up to the packet pickup table and let them know your bib#, they'll hand your packet to you and you're done.

Once again, packet pickup will happen in the Gondola Plaza and there will be three tents setup. You'll walk up to the tent in the middle to have your temperature checked and after that if you are bib# 1-100, you will be directed to the tent on the left. If you are bib#101-200, you'll head to the tent on the right. The entire process should take 30 seconds or less.

Be ready for your roll call and start times on Saturday morning.

If you have not read the pre-race meeting notes, we recommend you do that.

Telluride100.com -> Announcements -> Pre-Race meeting notes