2021 T100 June 1st Update

June 1, 2021 12:30am - August 1, 2021 12:30am

We hope you've had a great Winter/Spring. Things are beginning to "green-up" here in Telluride with the flowers and aspen trees blooming. Jennifer teaches Kindergarten at Telluride Elementary and finished up the school year last week very strong. Tobin had a very busy season this Winter as a ski instructor as well. Telluride does their Spring Break when the ski area closes in April and we went to Moab to mountain bike ( where this pic was taken ).

T100 Course Update

We will be using the proposed full course from 2020 so you can reference that map and GPX files on this website. Our mapping guru is busy updating the 2021 map and we will have that posted soon. The only thing that will change on that map is the date.

Pre Riding Update

Loop 1 - Telluride Trail is always closed to bicycles with the exception of race day, please respect this closure. You are able to hike bottom to top. Prospect Trail is currently closed until July 1st to respect Elk calving that occurs this time of year in Prospect Basin. The rest of the trails on Loop 1 are open - there is a little bit of snow on upper Magic Meadows and you can access that trail via Alta Lakes area off of Boomerang Rd.

Loop 2 is 100% clear and open.

COVID19 Protocols

Two weeks ago COVID19 mitigation processes drastically changed for the state of Colorado, San Miguel County and both towns of Mountain Village and Telluride. Face coverings are now only required 1) if you do not have the COVID19 vaccine 2) on all public transportation 3) in all medical facilities. Things could change again so we are going to hold off on publishing our COVID19 protocols until the July 1st update. As of this posting, 68% of the residents here in San Miguel County have been fully vaccinated through our county health department. This does not include residents that have gone to neighboring counties for vaccines so the number of fully vaccinated residents is higher.

Race Start

This could change but right now we plan on having two race starts.

6:00AM - 100 Mile Elite Women & Men <- the UCI specific groups

6:02AM - Everyone else

Referral Code

On your bikereg confirmation email there was a referral code that you can give to a friend that you know has not signed up for the race yet. It gets them $10 off registration AND you also get a $10 credit for them using it. If you need to be reminded of what that code is, please reach out to us and we can easily look it up for you. We've had the strongest registration showing of the 8 years that we've been doing this and it looks like we will be selling out.

That is all for this update - thanks for reading. We will have two more updates posted here on July 1st and July 20th.

Please reach out via email or phone if you have any questions.