2021 Telluride 100 Covid19 Plan

December 14, 2020 1pm - August 1, 2021 9pm

The Telluride 100 Mtn. Bike Race put together a plan that will promote distancing/use of PPE/sanitization in order to keep everyone safe.

We are looking at COVID19 state and county data and process changes on a daily basis and also coordinating with our local government entities to adopt best practices and adhere to safety promulgations.

Automatic refund:

Anyone that becomes symptomatic 21 days in advance of the event will get a full refund.

Symptom Waiver:

Waiver will be presented at packet pickup noting that the participant has been symptom free 14 days prior to the event.

Racer Meeting:

Pre-event meeting with participants would move to a virtual format and be made available to participants to view online.

Online event waiver signature:

USA Cycling moved to an electronic waiver signature format in BikeReg. There is no longer a need for the participant to touch a pen & paper. This new process speeds up the racer check-in process.

Number plate/Goodie Bag pickup:

We will schedule this so that only one participant picks up their number plate at a time. Race staff handling this process would have appropriate PPE. We will also have enough face coverings to hand out to participants in case they do not have their own, as we require them to wear one during this short process.

Temperature check:

We have a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer that will be used to check all participants and volunteers.

Event Start:

2021 format is yet to be determined.

2020 format was as follows:

In the past we have had a mass start where all participants start at once. We are moving to a small group time trial style of start. A time trial is where participants are started once every XX seconds or minutes, which will allow a start with distancing between participants. We will also seed the start times from the fastest to slowest participants, which will continue spreading everyone out after the start.

Passing at some point during the event is inevitable but will be kept to a minimum through this new start procedure. The majority of passing occurs during the first portion of any race. In our race there is 10 miles of road, double track and jeep road before the first section of narrow single track. The first 10 miles will allow participants to pass one another with a safe distance.

Neutral Feed Zones:

Everything will be sanitized. We will have tables with water bottles and pre-packaged food spread out so racers can remain at a safe distance from one another if they decide to pick any of this up. All volunteers will have PPE at these stations and sanitizing supplies to ensure thorough cleaning throughout the event.

Award Pickup:

Begins at 1:00PM for 50 mile

Begins at 7PM for the 100 mile

We will be scheduling each distance/age group to come and pickup their awards. The podium for every group is 5 deep so there will be a maximum of 5 people in each group. We require that a face covering be worn during this process and we will have extra on hand in case someone does not have one.

PPE for Volunteers:

All volunteers will be provided with PPE to use in case they do not already have their own.

Covid19 is going to be with us for years to come. We need to begin learning how to live life with it in as safe a manner as possible. We feel that the logistical changes we are making to our event are a step in the right direction that will allow it to happen while keeping all participants, spectators, and volunteers safe.

The Telluride 100 event team are no strangers to curveballs being thrown in the weeks leading up to the race. We can sit back and watch the strikes come from those curveballs, or we can try to knock the ball out of the park. We will always choose to swing as hard as we can, for you, the racers.

See you in Telluride

Tobin & Jennifer Behling