Liz Carrington's 2019 T100 Bike Setup

July 1, 2019

Five timeT-100 Womens Open finisher (and two time winner) Liz Carrington came to Telluride this past weekend to bike pack Loop 1 of the 2019 race course. We were able to catch up with her and get the skinny on the race rig she'll be using as well as her thoughts on some of the course changes.

T100 - Liz, tell us about the bike setup that you're going to use for the T-100 this year?

Liz - I've decided that I will be riding my Trek Procaliber hard tail outfitted with SRAM XX1 Eagle (we took a look and she's pushing a 34 tooth front ring!). If we were going over Black Bear & Ophir Pass again I would have opted for my Trek Top Fuel full suspension setup.

T100 - Looks like you're running Maxxis Ardent 29x2.4 tires which are really big. Are you going to use those tires for the race?

Liz - I ran these tires last year at the T-100 and had great luck with them. There are lots of sharp rocks on the course and having solid sidewall protection and traction throughout the course is very important.

T100 - What did you think of the course changes for Loop 1?

Liz - Loop 1 this year is most of the previous Loop 2 but in reverse. Initially I thought it would be tougher in this new direction but once I rode it, I actually prefer it. The views up on top of Last Dollar Pass and the new section that has been added up on top of Wilson Mesa are gorgeous. I camped up on Last Dollar Pass during the ride and had million dollar views of the two Wilson mountains (she calls them Owen & Luke) out the door of my tent. I can't wait to go back and do that ride/bike packing trip again.